Watflo H2O Harvester bRainBox Unit

£1,999.99 inc VAT



The H20 harvester brainbox is an electronically controlled water flushing system operated by a computerised printed circuit board which orchestrates the direction of water to several outlets. Hosepipe, toilet flushing, all outdoor water requirements and an intermittent setting for hanging basket, window boxes, shrubs and lawn watering.

Features include: –

  • Intermittent timer settings to be able you to water hanging baskets, window boxes, patio planters, tomatoe plants and lawns.
  • Mains water back up
  • Rain and grey water recycling
  • Flow meter display – water used – saved
  • Hosepipe connectors – Car washing, garden, pressure washing
  • Mobile phone App to monitor your water savings
  • Harvests rain and grey water (baths, showers and sinks)


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