Welcome To Watflo

Watflo manufacture innovative water saving products to enable you to spend less on your water bill and minimise the cost to our planet.
Our mission is to reduce unnecessary water consumption globally, and our message is; don't pour your money down the drain.

Smart System

The bRainbox's smart interface allows you to monitor how much recycled water your system has used. The smart technology also allows you to set an intermittent timer, so you can water your plants when you're not at home!

Easy Installation

Underground water butts cost significantly more due to the groundwork required. The Watflo system works with all types of water containers, negating the need for a more expensive and potentially impractical storage solution.

Harvest Both Rain & Grey Water

Unlike other Rainwater Harvesting systems, the bRainBox recycles both rain AND grey water, enabling you to reduce your water use (and bills) even further than your average system.
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